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Silvio Filippi

Innovation manager, Trainer and Coach

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Who am I?




Cloud Computing Expert to help you in the best choice of the future platform for your business. No business development without technological changes.


Marketing Manager for rent, to help you in driving sales to success and acheiving business results with the right Sales & marketing investment



Innovation manager for rent: to help you in designing the future of your business.  

Coach and trainer for your Organizational change management projects.

From October 1987 to December 2002
I developed my professional skills in Accenture up to Senior Manager Responsibility, passing througth the Andersen Software experience of managing a proprietary ERP division.
I participate to Enterprise processes rengineering projects mainly in the Administration and Reporting areas in several Italian big organizations with many experiences abroad.

From January 2003 to December 2010 

Sharepoint Product Manager in Business & Marketing Organization Microsoft Italy. (since 2006). Since 2003 in Microsoft as a Business Productivity Advisor, then as Sales Manager for products dedicated to Information workers for large customers. , participating in research of the Politecnico di Milano Observatories  on Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Computing.

Spoke persons for Microsoft on ECM, BPM, BI and Enterprise 2.0, the following projects with Gartner and other analysts for the branch.



Coach and Trainer, Skilla Certified Partner and reseller, Innovation Trainer fo associations and PMI 




Business Productivity Advisor and CEO of Cloudea S.r.l.

A startup specialized in Public Cloud Computing and to support PMI improving processes related to productivity.



Sponsorship Manager for all the conferences dedicated to Microsoft Technologies of Technical Conferences


Co-founder and Consultant in the organization created to support PMI in Innovation ad Development for the Innovation and Productivity of the Italian Economy